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from Siti Sarah Othman Education in Photography

Hi John. I really love your pictures. It makes me inspire! I'm only starting to take interest in photography. So, I'm wondering, where do you suggest is the best place for learning photography? Do you suggest NYIP? Is it hard to learn since it is online? Previous Response:
on October 11, 2012
 Siti Sarah,

I recommend both as well as NYIP. I also suggest you look into (i.e., Perfect Picture School of Photography) In all cases, you will receive quality training, lesson plans, assignments and critiques from some of the finest professional photographers in the business. The wonderful thing about learning online is you can do it when it is convenient to you as long as you are disciplined and stick to a plan you establish for yourself.  Previous Response:
on October 22, 2012
 one of the best photography sites ineedd, the areas covered, visions of the photographers, the overall presentation of the site is just to learn a lot myself being an amateur some pics have been clicked with a classic timing just couldn't be any more perfect. a well deserved 5 rating from me and am sure from a lotta folks too simply mesmerizing. and a well deserved best site of the week listing deserves to be listed in all time best photography site 

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